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The Science of Art

Talk Magazine

By Stephanie Martin

E pluribus Unum: words we’ve all heard or read somewhere before. “Out of many, one.” The de facto motto of our nation until, “In God We Trust” was adopted, the phrase is on much of the money we all carry around in our wallets, purses, or pockets. Although physically present everywhere, it appears in conversation only when discussing the cultural, racial, or social diversity of America. However, it seems to me the phrase has an older application, older than our nation, older than its own language, Latin.

Lately, I have been thinking about this phrase because I have been thinking about the idea of “one” and the idea of “many.” And here’s why. In less than one year, I will graduate with a degree in biochemistry and will, subsequently, stumble into a world in which I am not sure I want to practice biochemistry. In fact, I…

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Stranger in the Hallway

My guest blog for a very good friend.

Butt Naked Travels


By Stephanie Martin

-I see the highway as a hallway. I have a room at either end, one at school in Abilene, TX , one in my parent’s house in Cheyenne, WY, but I’ve come to wonder if either of them is really mine. There is something about leaving home that makes it so you don’t really belong anywhere anymore. I suppose I belong on the road, maybe I’m only at home where I’m a stranger.

1381670_10201482616461216_1429436693_nMyjourney starts in Abilene. I leave a cozy, if somewhat strange room: a garage, door closed, laced with lights and warmed by a space heater. A quick stop at my grandmother’s house, then my grandad’s, before finally, on the third day, my trip really begins. It takes approximately twelve hours to get from my grandad’s house in Lubbock, TX to my childhood home in Cheyenne. The first two days of…

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